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Latest Sermon

John 12:44-50

Wayne Holcomb | August 1, 2021

Rejection Results Revealed   I. Rejecting Christ is to Rebuff the Lord II. Rejecting Christ is to Remain in Darkness   III. Rejecting Christ is to Repudiate His Patience   IV. Rejecting Christ is to Request Judgment V...

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Review: Christianity and Wokeness

Trey Meester | July 29, 2021

Owen Strachan’s Christianity and Wokeness[1] is a great read and you should read it because it takes a complex topic and presents it in a clear manner.  Not...

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A Word from our Elders: 2020 Review

The Elders | February 12, 2021

What a year it has been! We are grateful for the Lord’s Faithful provision, protection, and promises. The Lord is sovereign over all things; therefore, we keep...

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