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An Update From Our Elders



Greetings everyone.  Speaking for the elders here at Wellington, I just want to share a few thoughts with you as we near the end of 2020, celebrating once again the incarnation of Christ.  We can’t help but give thanks for the many blessings the Lord has provided for us as a congregation, as individuals and as families who join together in worship, ministry, and outreach at Wellington. 
During times of prosperity and good health or during times when we struggle with finances, poor health, or the loss of loved ones, we take comfort in knowing our Lord is sovereign over all of life, both now and for eternity. We must not lose sight that our citizenship is in heaven and our time on earth is not only temporary but fleeting, so we praise Him for how He always provides for our needs.
As you consider your many blessings, now is a good time to also review how well you have honored the Lord with your first-fruits this year in ALL areas of life not just one. 
Christ said: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21).  The reverse of Christ’s statement is also true, where a man’s heart is, there his treasure will be also. Either way, it is good to take inventory of our heart, and reviewing how we have spent our money is a good measuring standard to use.  While dollars can be easily measured, honoring the Lord with first-fruits is not limited to money alone, but should also include how we use our time and talents for His glory.  You can see your giving history to the Lord at Wellington by using the new church app that is now available and can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.  If using newer technology is challenging for you, another option is to call the church office and your information can be provided confidentially upon request.
As the broad impact of Covid became more evident this year, we did our best to streamline the 2020 budget as much as possible, but the regular first-fruit offerings have averaged approximately 10% below 2019 while most expenditures have remained constant. 
The Lord is good and has always provided through those who are faithful, so we trust that will be case again this year as we plan to keep our year-end commitments to those who partner with us for the gospel in Tanzania, Uganda, Bulgaria, Honduras, and Kazakhstan as well as those locally and nationally, such as the church plant in Colorado. 
We trust you will not only be generous but wise as you discern how to best use resources the Lord has made available to you.  Make sure your love and appreciation for the Lord is appropriately expressed through your giving.  If you consider a gift “above and beyond” your regular commitment, knowing you are solicited by many for end-of-year donations, we ask that you prayerfully include the church where you worship and are growing in your walk with Christ. 
In January, we will make available the Defining Ministries Report to share the results of how all resources were distributed in 2020, which will include our church’s support for various outreaches.
We look forward, hopefully soon, to when we can all gather together again singing praises and worshipping together in one place at one time serving our Lord through the Wellington ministry!  Until then, we will continue worshipping in person and by live streaming as we have been these past several months.  Please reach out to any of us through the church office if you are in need of anything.  Our desire is help those with needs in as many ways as possible.   
Your prayers for wisdom, guidance, and protection regarding our pastors, their families, and our leadership, are greatly appreciated as we Move Forward by His Grace for His Glory in all areas.
May the Lord richly bless you and your family this Christmas season.  Thank you.
In Christ,  
The Wellington Elders

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Why We Meet

While we realize many within our church, due to age, illness, or jobs, may not be able to join us for in-person services at this time, we have implemented a number of changes to make worship at Wellington the safest place possible. However, for those who may have questions about why we are meeting in person, the following video by Dr. John McArthur explains in a very clear way the biblical mandate and constitutional freedom we have as Christians worshipping and serving Him within this country; freedoms we should not abuse nor take for granted.    

Church is Essential from Arsenal Media Group on Vimeo.

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