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A Word from our Elders: 2020 Review

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What a year it has been! We are grateful for the Lord’s Faithful provision, protection,
and promises. The Lord is sovereign over all things; therefore, we keep our eyes fixed on
Him. “... with unveiled face, beholding His glory as we are being transformed into the
same image from one degree of glory to another” (2nd Corinthians 3:18). That’s why
“we do not preach ourselves, but Christ.”
Many of you have been faithful in your attendance, whether online or in-person and in
the giving of your first-fruits out of your love for the Lord. That’s enabled us to continue
with many of the ministries the Lord has instilled over the years for the teaching of His
word to both young people and adults.
We have continued to pay down the remaining balance on the mortgage, which is below
$260,000. We have also set aside monies for maintaining the land and repairing the
facility the Lord has provided us for worship and ministry.
If you are interested in the 2020 Financial Summary, copies of the “Defining Ministries
Financial Report” are available at the Connect Table or can be sent to you by request.
We have faced many challenges in 2020. Several are suffering from a loss of jobs, loss
of loved ones, and physical ailments. But as Andrae Crouch’s chorus, “Through It All”
said: “I’ve learned to trust in Jesus; I’ve learned to depend upon His word” so we
continue to push forward in the teaching and proclaiming of His word.
We rejoice in the number of transformed hearts not only in Kentucky, but around the
world. Wonderful reports from our missionary partners include the Fischer’s in Bulgaria
who are reaching many in the business world through bible studies and relationships.
The Boon’s in Tanzania are developing a theological center for training and teaching
while still reaching young women through Sifa Threads and young men through
agriculture. The Hurley’s in Uganda are investing in the lives of pastors while providing
housing for those being trained in God’s word over a two year span before returning to
their home churches. Through your faithful giving we have been able to help the
Romero family in Honduras build a facility where they can now meet for worship and
service to their growing community. Justin and Laura Shriver continue their work in
Kazakhstan with college students through Bible studies and outreach. The Thurman’s in
Fort Collins, CO are thriving with the college students as they approach their second
year as a new church plant. Through your faithfulness over the past two years we have
been able to support these ministries with more than $120,000.
In 2020, Wellington has also partnered with some local area ministries through
volunteer and financial support. The Titus 2 Women’s ministry has furthered their impact
with Natalie’s Sisters as they reach out to sexually exploited women in Lexington. This
past spring we continued our support of the Assurance ministry through the baby bottle
blessings program and help with their facilities. We also partnered with Samaritan’s
purse by donating nearly 150 shoeboxes filled with supplies and gospel tracts this past
Christmas. Likewise we have invested in opportunities to serve Sayre Christian Village
and their residents.
As we review where we have been in 2020, surrounded by an unsettled culture, we find
peace in knowing the Lord is sovereign. As we look back, we are also looking forward.
In so doing, we stand firm with uncompromising truth as a unified community, devoted
to service and committed to prayer. We Press On and Stand Firm (Philippians 3 and 4).
Our constitution reads, “Wellington Church exists to promote God’s glory by
proclaiming Christ, preparing believers, and pursuing the lost.”
How will you and your family serve in 2021? A great place to start is to acknowledge
what your gifts are and how you might best be used for His glory. Get involved in a
community group. Build relationships with others as we live out the “one another”
commands from Scripture. More than ever, we need to bear one another’s burdens and
care for one another. From the Children’s ministries and Students ministries to Men’s
and Women’s ministries we are focused on the spiritual growth of each family. If you
need help getting connected, please ask any one of our elders, Blake Isernhagen, Ty
Johnson, Kevin Cooper, Ron Ring, myself or Trey Meester or one of our deacons . We
love you, pray for you, want to encourage you, and watch you grow. Wellington has a
sweet fellowship that we hope will only grow stronger as the pressure from the world
increases. Now is the time to ready ourselves.
Functionally, we will maintain two services on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
although our heart still beats as one unified body. We will continue to teach and train
as we exposit God’s Word verse by verse. We will pour into our children and young
people to prepare them to be all the Lord would have them be. We will come alongside
families and marriages knowing we were not meant to go through this life alone. We aim
to be a church of doers and not hearings only, as we seek to hear only one thing at the
end of our lives: “Well done My good and faithful servant!”
The Elders
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Question Box: Round 1

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This post will start a series of blogs with my answers to student’s questions which have been placed in the Question Box. The Question Box is a new aspect of our student ministry that allows the students to ask questions (anonymously if desired) that may be on their minds. These may be silly questions, but some will also be helpful questions. This blog series enables students to find their answers even if they miss the night their question was answered. So far, we have had three questions which I will list and answer below. 

Q: Can you take off your glasses?

A: Well yes, I am physically capable of taking off my glasses. However, I think the heart of the question was can I see without my glasses and the answer to that question is not well.

 Q: Is there biblical evidence for praying for the saints?

A: No, there is no evidence to praying for the saints. The only person Scripture teaches us to pray to is to the Lord.

Q: How can we stand for truth when we are not supposed to dispute? This question is actually quite insightful, especially as you understand the context in which it was asked.

A: First, you need to understand the background to this question is coming out of Philippians 2:14. Second, admittedly this answer starts a little technical, but it is worth it, so please bear with me. The Greek word used for “disputing” in Philippians 2:14 is διαλογισμός/dialogismos. At the core, the word carries the idea of thoughts, especially thoughts that are clearly thought through. Therefore, it is used of things like reasoning. 

However, when one looks at how this word is used in the NT, the word is always associated with man’s thoughts, essentially referring to man’s thoughts sourced in himself. This places these thoughts in contrast to God’s thinking, or thoughts that have their source in God (cf. 2 Tim 3:16). In fact, this is the word that Jesus will use to speak of man’s “evil thoughts” that come out of the heart (Matt 15:19; Mark 7:21; cf. James 2:4). It is these “thoughts (διαλογισμοί)” that Mary is told Jesus will reveal (Luke 2:35). In fact, this is often the kind of thinking Jesus corrects (see Luke 5:22; 6:8; and 9:46, 47) and considers them of no use (1 Cor 3:20) because of man’s depravity (Rom 1:21). Furthermore, these are the kind of thoughts that give way to “doubts (διαλογισμοί)” in Luke 24:38.

Another use of this word is to refer to arguments (Luke 9:46, 47; Rom 14:1; and 1 Tim 2:8), but not the kind of argument that one puts forward for the inarguable position that God’s word is true, but rather the kind siblings have between one-another as to who sits in the front seat (cf. Luke 9:46). This is the category that fits Paul’s use in Philippians 2:14 when he says to do all things without “disputing.”

So, it seems when Paul uses “disputing (διαλογισμῶν)” in Phil 2:14, he is referring to arguing over thoughts for your benefit, coming out of yourself; this fits very well in the context of Philippians 2 since Paul instructs the Philippians to consider others more highly than yourself just a few verses earlier (2:3ff). He is referencing self-promoting strife, not God honoring truth which has its source in God Himself/Scripture. Therefore, when you stand for the revealed truths of Scripture, in order to honor God, you are not disputing in the sense Paul is stating in Philippians 2:14; rather, you are following the example mature Christians, especially elders who are told to even “rebuke” those who contradict such truth (Titus 1:9). In other words, you stand for truth without disputing by following the example of Michael who was faithful to state what the Lord had said, for His interests and not Michael’s own thoughts, for his own interests (Jude 9).

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