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    Theistic Evolution?

    06.26.15 | Theology | by Bryce Shockley

    How would you respond to another believer that says Genesis should be viewed as poetry and God could have made Adam through Evolutionary Biological processes?

      The Purpose of the Law

      09.27.11 | Theology | by Wayne Holcomb

      Question: The OT includes a lot of commands the Lord gave to the Jewish people such as not eating certain meats, washing your clothes after touching something dead and allowing the land to rest the seventh year. Should Christians still obey all...

        Christ's Atoning Work

        06.29.11 | Theology | by Wayne Holcomb

        Question: I’m from a Seventh Day Adventist background and I’ve always been taught that Christ had a fallen, human nature that was almost degenerate. Ellen G. White, our church’s prophetess, emphasized Christ as our Example more so than our...