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    Fortnight for Freedom

    06.27.12 | Religious Freedom | by Wayne Holcomb

    Thursday, June 21 at Mary Queen Catholic Church I served on a panel with other pastors from various denominations for the first Fortnight for Freedom rally. We were asked to address what the church's response should be to the Health and Human...

      Asking for a Sign

      06.15.12 | by Wayne Holcomb

      Is it wrong to ask God for a sign to reveal His will for our lives or is this considered putting Him to a test?


        03.21.12 | Bibliology | by Wayne Holcomb

        Question: “I heard an artist on the radio the other day say he was inspired by God to write a song. Is there a difference between his song being inspired and God’s Word being inspired?”

          The Mystery of the Incarnation

          01.03.12 | by Wayne Holcomb

          Many truths revealed in Scripture man cannot resolve due to the finite capacity of his understanding. To some the idea of atonement is beyond human comprehension. To others, the virgin birth is too much of a biological anomaly for them to...