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Pastor Blogs - The Nights Before Christmas

The Nights Before Christmas

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

The nights before Christmas when all through the land,

Every creature was stirring; completing God's plan.

Prophecies foretold in scripture with care

Were suddenly fulfilled without much flare.


The Lord had promised Adam right after the fall

That from the womb of a woman He'd redeem all.

So a roadmap of scripture was recorded throughout;

From Seth to David, the Lord left no doubt.


Then Isaiah proclaimed in 700 B.C.

By a virgin His entrance to earth it would be;

Micah would add to the city of David

Just as it happened without variation.


Jeremiah foretold of weeping in the land

As King Herod did his best to trump God's hand.

Three hundred and fifty prophecies foretold

With a hundred percent accuracy as they'd unfold.


The Lord was sovereign over the rebellion of all men

From every tribe and nation; a host of pagan lands.

Alexander's Greek language will unify the call,

The Roman roads will make easy travel for all.


With the prophecies, the language and the roads in place

In the fullness of time Christ would arrive by God's grace.

Caesar Augustus issued his authoritative decree

All should register according to their family tree.


Mary and Joseph left their home in Nazareth of Galilee

Traveled to Judah being descendents of David's family.

Gabriel said "Mary, though a virgin you'll be,

The Holy Spirit will come and overshadow thee."


Just as the Lord promised, the incarnation occurred

The holy One of God arrived in the flesh undeterred.

His redemption for those unworthy of His grace

Brings eternal thanksgiving from every tongue, tribe and race.


So as you now know in the fields nearby,

Angels came to shepherds who were terrified.

But they came with a message the Lord Himself had penned,

Peace on earth good will towards men.


There is now only one thing left for man to say,

After the Lord Himself orchestrated the first Christmas day;

During this time as the church heralds His word

Let us all praise God for our Savior and Lord.

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