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Preparing for Ministry

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

Preparing for Ministry
As I wrote in a recent blog, Tim Stec has retired from the U.S. Marshal's office and began contemplating how the Lord might best use him in the future.  Having served as a deacon for several years and pursuing an opportunity to serve as an elder at Wellington, he continued to prayerfully explore job opportunities, trying to find the best fit for how he could be most effectively used in ministry. His desire to help those in need kept leading him back to counseling. However, Tim didn't want to be just 'a counselor', he wanted to provide wisdom and direction from the source of all truth, God's word. Therefore, he has decided to seek an educational degree in Biblical Counseling from the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville.  
Tim and his wife, Jenn, have been a vital part of the Wellington ministry for eight years and have been a great blessing to our church. Jenn was the founder and organizer of the Overstone Co-op at Wellington, that has become a model for home-school co-ops throughout the country. Together, they have faithfully served the Lord as a family. Tim's training and pursuit of ministry, which is leading them back to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) from which they came, is something the Wellington leaders fully support. 
However, this transition in their life has raised questions as to the future of Overstone. Please know, Jenn has not only laid a firm foundation for the infrastructure of the co-op and along with other board members has mentored a number of our families in the Charlotte Mason approach to eduction, but both Jenn and Tim will be continuing their involvement at Overstone. While Jenn will no longer serve as the headmaster of the upper school, there is another young lady within our church family who has experience in effectively leading home-school co-ops and she has been working with Jenn to provide a smooth transition. Plus, Cheryl Nichols, the headmaster of the lower school, will continue doing the incredible job she's been doing for several years. There is also the possibility of expanding the Overstone board in 2020 to ensure the health and progress of this dynamic ministry for decades to come.
The Stec family has recently moved to Lancaster and Tim will begin his training and pursuit of ministry opportunities within the SBC next semester, but we also rejoice that they will be continuing service with their Wellington family through the Overstone ministry for several more years. 
I couldn't be more grateful, pleased or excited for how the Lord will be using Tim and Jenn to His glory and I trust our entire church will support them.

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