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Pastor Blogs - Lexington Police Department Awards Banquet

Lexington Police Department Awards Banquet

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

My wife, Tanya, and I attended the Lexington Police Department Awards Banquet last night along with Drew and Andrea Gilliam and Darin Gettelfinger, as guests of David (a former police officer) and Kristin Ashford at the invitation of Lori Jones and Dawan Hart to support two of our church members, Todd Hart, who received “Officer of the Year”, and Jeff Jones, who was “Field Training Officer of the Year”.

According to the program guide, “Police Officer of the Year” is the highest award
presented to a Lexington police officer of any rank. It goes to the individual who has consistently demonstrated the highest standard of performance and exceptional achievement and whose formal and informal leadership qualities exemplify a role model within the department.
“Field Training Officer of the Year” is presented to an active field training officer who consistently demonstrates the highest standard of performance, professionalism and work ethic in the training and development of recruits.

Jeff Jones is not only a 16 year veteran with the Marines and an 18 year veteran with the police department, but along with his wife, Lori, leads a small group Bible study, does a wonderful job of discipling new Christians in God’s word and is currently in the leadership accountability meetings at Dr. Mike Guiler’s home.
Jeff also organized, trained and continues to administer our church’s security team that is composed of past and current law enforcement officers from various police departments, the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshal’s Office, and those with military experience. Jeff and Lori have a five year old daughter, Amaya, who is currently battling Leukemia.

Todd Hart, a ten year veteran with the police department, not only received the highest award the Lexington Police Department gives to any officer, but he also serves on the church’s security team and has been active in his support of our Awana’s Grand Prix event each year. His sons, Conner and Logan, are excellent students at Overstone, the homeschool co-op at Wellington where his wife, Dawan, serves as a teacher and treasurer. 
This is the first police banquet I’ve attended and I was impressed with every aspect of the evening. The meal was excellent, the program flowed smoothly, and the police department made no apologies for having a Christian Chaplin open with prayer and a Christian pastor close with prayer. There was also recognition of various ministries involved with the police department to solve crimes, support victims and assist young ladies who want to escape their enslavement to prostitution. Even Bible verses were at times unashamedly quoted.

I want to thank David and Kristin Ashford for sponsoring our table and extend not only my congratulations to Todd Hart and Jeff Jones, but my appreciation for them as two of the best public servants and law enforcement leaders in Lexington.

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