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Faithful Service

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

Monday night, July 29, I was privileged to attend a dinner given in celebration of Tim Stec's 50th birthday and in honor of his retirement from the U.S. Marshal's office after nearly 23 years of service. 
I was very encouraged to hear many of his co-workers speak of how much they appreciated his Christian witness, as they said things about him that any of us would love to have said about us at our funeral. His wife, children, parents, sisters, in-laws, co-workers, church friends and even many of the children present expressed what a blessing Tim has been to their lives.
While I wanted to speak, I didn't. Tim isn't that comfortable being thrust into the spotlight.  His humility makes it difficult, if not embarrassing for him to receive the praise of men. But while he stood with tear-filled eyes, I was rejoicing at the work the Lord is continuing to do in his life.
He is a soft-spoken, gentle and kind man who loves the Lord and seeks to honor Him.  While serving over the Marshal's office, he requested to be moved to a different job description that would allow him to lead teams of agents to counsel and comfort those devastated by senseless shootings and other disasters.  
Tim is leaving a job he dearly loves because service within the Marshal's office required him to miss too many birthdays of his children, anniversaries with his wife and family events that are precious to him. Therefore, he now seeks the Lord's leading down another avenue of life that will provide him with more time to nurture and cherish his family while serving the Lord.
Tim is currently pursuing his accreditation for biblical counseling as well as evaluating the possibility of serving as an elder within the church. He has been faithfully serving as a deacon by mentoring young men in the middle school ministry. 
Tim is very fortunate to have such a wonderful Christian wife, Jenn, who started the Overstone co-op and continues to serve as headmaster of the upper grades. They have also been greatly blessed with three beautiful children, Hannah, Raigan and Bryant. Many of us have had our lives enriched as a result of the Stec family moving to Kentucky and we are grateful for how their love for the Lord is evident through how they live, serve and impact others in the name of Christ.

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