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Pastor Blogs - Dear Pastor Wayne,

Dear Pastor Wayne,

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

Dear Wayne, 

My wedding is this Sunday evening, but I didn't want to leave without a few parting words. 

You've got such a phenomenal ministry at Wellington, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your integrity, adherence to the Scriptures, boldness, and warm heart. 

In many ways Wellington has been home because of the heart of its worship and the family that is there, but it would not be that way without the heart that you allow the Lord to bring to it through you. 

Thanks for being so encouraging and faithful. I hope to keep in touch. Katey and I are looking forward to a season of rest and transition as I finish my doctorate and learn the direction the Lord leads us in next. 

Because of my knowing you, the spirit of you and your ministry will remain with me and my family, and that is an encouraging thought.

Warm Regards, Brother,



Pastor Wayne,

Words cannot express how grateful we are to have attended Wellington the past (almost) 4 years! One of the saddest parts about leaving Lexington is leaving behind this amazing church family & your truthful & convicting teaching!

I have matured in my faith & fallen more deeply in love with the word since we’ve been sitting under your teaching & leadership. The hours you spend preparing to teach us on Sunday are more appreciated than you know!

Thank you for always sharing your wisdom & speaking & living for truth!! May God bless you & your amazing family all the days of your lives! I will always follow Wellington online!

All our thanks, love, & prayers!

Jeremy, Mary, Lincoln & Evan

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