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Wellington Member Explores Ways to Prevent Chronic Pain

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

Josh and Carmen Van Wyngaarden, along with their four beautiful children, are active members at Wellington. The following article was recently published at the University of Kentucky. This link will redirect you to the University of Kentucky page where you can read the article.

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Hannah: A True Servant

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

We have been very fortunate to have so many wonderful ladies work in the front office. One of the more recent was Hannah Stafford. She began worshipping at Wellington while she was a student at Asbury University. Throughout her four years here, she became very involved with the worship...

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Repost of Wayne on Social Media

Posted by Trey Meester on

Below is an article original posted by Pastor Wayne in May 2014 (On this blog) regarding some helpful points to consider regarding our engagement on Social Media. The reason I find it helpful to repost his thoughts is because the recent elections have brought several prominent hot topics to the...

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