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Pastor Blogs - A Word from our Elders: Responding to the Coronavirus, May Update

A Word from our Elders: Responding to the Coronavirus, May Update

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

To all those who love the Lord and worship Him as the Church at Wellington, 

We have much for which to be thankful, though we are experiencing unusual events at this time. However, it has been a joy to hear so many stories of how you, as the body of Christ, have not only been blessed by others, but have been a blessing to others as you have stepped up to serve and to show love for one another in a variety of ways. 

Since our last communication we have continued to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19, and we want to provide an update as to how we are prayerfully seeking the Lord’s wisdom for the best way to have all our families safely gather once again for worship, as we greatly miss seeing each of you.  

Over the next 3 weeks we will continue to worship through the use of livestream, with plans on Sunday, May 24, to open our doors for in-person worship, while also utilizing livestream for those either unable to attend or uncomfortable doing so at this time. 

We are regularly praying for wisdom and discernment as to the best way to gather and still respect the suggested guidelines for how we can show respect for friends and family who are concerned about either giving or receiving the virus from those who are asymptomatic. Please pray for us as we will keep you updated on all the safeguards we hope to have in place prior to Sunday, May 24 and beyond. 

Initially, our plan is to have multiple family services, which means there will be no Sunday school or children’s ministries available. However, we want to do everything we can to make the service family friendly while providing additional accommodations for those with very young children. 

We have certainly missed seeing and fellowshipping with each of you and your families. We would also welcome your feedback on your personal situation as well as your plans to either attend in-person or continue using our livestream ministry. We will send a brief survey next week to assist in your communication as we prayerfully plan accordingly. 

Wellington Elders

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