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Pastor Blogs - A Letter from Drew Gilliam

A Letter from Drew Gilliam

Posted by Wayne Holcomb on

I've known Drew Gilliam since he was in middle school and his beautiful wife, Andrea, since she was a college student at Morehead.  I've had the privilege of sharing with them in their marriage, the birth of their children, adoption of their son, and a number of ministry opportunities, including Drew assisting me in Ghana last year for a pastors' conference. They've done a wonderful job serving, leading, and modeling the small group ministry at Wellington for the past eight years. Drew, through his service as a deacon and an elder, has made valuable contributions to the development of the Wellington ministry. So it is no surprise that I and many others at Wellington deeply love them. But as is the case throughout life, the Lord will often move in mysterious ways and since I firmly believe in the sincerity of Drew's heart, I totally support him and his family's desire to pursue a new ministry and would encourage all within our church to do the same. I've included his article below:

Andrea and I would first like to express our sincere gratitude for the Wellington Church body of believers.  During our time at Wellington, our family has grown an incredible amount, and in many different ways.  Pastor Wayne’s faithfulness in the pulpit has had a tremendous impact on our lives, for which we will forever be grateful.  His devotion to teaching the Word of God is evident to all.  We are also truly grateful for the devotion and ministry of pastor Kevin, pastor Phil, pastor Trey, all of the pastors that have come before them, and all those that may come after them.  We are forever thankful for all of the incredible families that we’ve had the privilege of worshipping alongside.  Andrea and I have been sincerely humbled and honored by the opportunity to serve in a number of capacities over the years.  We will certainly never take our time at Wellington for granted.  We deeply love all the many families at Wellington, and we always will! 

For some time now, the Lord has laid convictions upon our hearts regarding how our family may best worship and serve within the local church, and as difficult as it is to face such a reality, we truly sense a heavy calling to step out in faith in this season of our lives, to a local church that most closely aligns with those God-given convictions.  They aren’t a matter of right or wrong, nor better or worse; rather a discerning pursuit of where the Lord might have us in the next phase of our lives and ministry.  Our goal is to faithfully respond to the Lord’s calling.  As we all know, often times God doesn’t call us down the easiest or most comfortable path, but commonly into much unknown.  What we do know, is that God can be trusted!  He has an incredible way of reminding us of our complete dependence upon Him!  We are challenged yet encouraged by the fact that God’s kingdom is infinitely larger than our family, or any local body, and that He will continue to build his kingdom as He sees fit!  As He continues to do so, we simply want to be faithful sheep, in whatever capacity that may be.  We pray that our pursuit would bring glory to God, and exalt Jesus as the King of His church!

Just because our family may be worshipping outside the physical walls of Wellington, doesn't mean our friendships or partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ have to come to an end.  In fact, we pray the exact opposite!  As believers, we are eternally united by the Spirit, and are members of the same universal body of Christ.  While some things will obviously be different, we are on the same team, living our lives with the same purpose, that God alone might be glorified!  Our prayer is that this transition is not an end, but the beginning of a new season of opportunities to see the Lord exalted, wherever He may lead us!  We pray that we would share a common desire to see the Lord's kingdom continue to be built up at Wellington, in all of central Kentucky, and around the entire globe for His namesake!  We have been sincerely blessed to spend many devoted years at Wellington, seeing God at work both within the congregation and in our lives.

That being said, we want you to know how difficult this transition has been for our family.  In fact, it's been anything but easy.  We are prayerfully working through this one step at a time.  Our family has shed many tears over the last several weeks, and we have grieved leaving the Wellington family we so dearly love.  Nevertheless, we trust that in responding to this calling, that God will equip us and guide us through these uncertain waters, as we prayerfully rely upon the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Wellington Church family and leaders, for all of your love, support, friendship, wisdom, and faithfulness, of which we have been the gracious recipients for many years.  We love you, will continue in prayer for you, and will certainly miss you.  However, we look forward to seeing God continue to equip and build His church, as only He is capable of doing, to the glory of His name alone!

Drew Gilliam