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Pastor Wayne returns from India

Posted by Kevin Cooper on

Check out this video from Pastor Wayne's trip to India.

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Joy of Giving

Posted by Kevin Cooper on

Dear friends at Wellington, In the previous letter I promised to provide a key concept for enabling you to get out of debt and to stay out of debt. During the class I intend to offer on the “Joy of Giving” beginning in January, I will be able to go into more detail on this as well...

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Finances: The Proper Balance

Posted by Kevin Cooper on

Did you know Christians experience true joy when they keep everything the Lord has entrusted to their care in a proper balance?  This does not mean however, that life on this earth will never have its difficulties and challenges, but the Christian is better able to handle the issues of life...

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What Baptism Means To Me

Posted by Drew Gilliam on

I grew up in a home that planted the seed of who God is, who Christ is, and the principles of the Bible.  I did a lot of things Christians were supposed to do. As a child, I always thought I was a Christian, and proclaimed belief in God.  Around the age of 10, I went through the...

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A Testimony of God's Grace

Posted by on

Growing up, I had heard about God, but I never understood who he really was (Rom 1:20). I thought that as long as I was a “good person” to others then I could go to heaven when I died. Throughout my life, I was a “child of wrath” and indulged in the cravings of my sinful nature (Ephesians 2:3)...

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