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Overstone School

Overstone School: A Charlotte Mason Cooperative 


In the spring of 2012, several parents in the Lexington/Nicholasville area met bi-weekly to study the philosophy of education developed by British educator Charlotte Mason.

After several months of study, our thoughts turned toward how to implement this philosophy in our home classrooms, as several parents did not have previous experience implementing a “Charlotte Mason education.”  In the summer of 2012, the Charlotte Mason Cottage School invited 36 children to experience a “living education” using Mason’s ideas for nature study, narration, and the use of living books in the classroom.

In the fall of 2012, a growing number of families began to express interest in learning more about a Charlotte Mason education, and we began a weekly study group to discuss Mason’s “Towards a Philosophy of Education” and to organize a collaborative learning environment to begin in February 2013.  This collaboration resulted in the Mindful Hearts Community, an educational ministry of Wellington Church.  In February of 2014, Mindful Hearts Community was renamed Overstone School.


Overstone School is first and foremost a ministry of Wellington Church. Wellington not only provides the facility for the school, but the board members are members of Wellington Church, and every decision is made in light of our desire to give glory to God and to submit to His Word. We take the discipling of our children very seriously, therefore the administration and teachers at Overstone undergo a thorough vetting process so that we can protect the hearts and minds of our precious children (Matthew 19:14).


About Overstone School

Overstone School endeavors to provide a Christ‐centered, balanced, and varied curriculum to the children who join our community.  We are founded on the philosophy of British educator Charlotte Mason, whose model reflects the idea that children are individuals - persons who respond in unique ways to living ideas.

At Overstone, we recognize that how we do things is just as important as what we do. It is our desire to provide an atmosphere that is unhurried, full, and free, where students can move at a comfortable pace. Multi-age grouping allow students to assist one another, so that no one is held back or left behind.  Expectations remain high without putting undue pressure on the children.

We rely on a combination of real, living books and field experiences rather than textbooks, lectures or verbal/written quizzing.  Children narrate their reading or experience, sealing it in their minds while sharing with classmates another perspective on what they are learning  

Overstone School Board of Directors

Wayne Holcomb, Teaching Elder at Wellington Church

Zach Tincher, Elder and Parent

Jennifer Stec, Director of the Upper School, Teacher and Parent

Cheryl Nichols, Director of the Lower School, Teacher and Parent

Our School Treasurer is Dawan Hart.

School Mailing Address

Wellington Church

Overstone School

C/O Cheryl Nichols (if Lower School correspondence) or Jenn Stec (if Upper School correspondence)  

PO Box 910606

Lexington, KY 40591

School Physical Address

Wellington Bible Church

3224 Lexington Rd

Nicholasville, KY 40356

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your policies and procedures?

Our 2017-18 Parent Handbook is attached for parents who desire more information about the School. We suggest all families read the handbook before applying.

Please contact  to receive a copy of the parent handbook.

How do I apply for membership?

Due to facility space and our desire to maintain a small teacher to student ratio, membership is limited. Applications will be considered in this order: members of Wellington Church and existing Overstone School full members, sabbatical Overstone School members, the waiting list from the previous year, new applicants. 

Please contact   to receive a copy of the membership application.

When and where do classes take place?

For the Fall Term of 2017, our classes are on Thursdays at Wellington Church. The typical hours are 9:00 to 2:00, though this is subject to change based on our class offerings.

What is the minimum age for 2017-18 academic year classes?

Children must be at least 6 yrs of age by the first day of school or September 1, 2017, whichever comes first. We have an Imaginative Play Based class for 4 and 5 yr old children of teachers and volunteers.  We do not offer nursery for children ages 0-3.

Can I drop off my child and leave the site?

Parents with children 0 - 3 yrs are allowed to drop off their older children. Parents with children 4 yrs and above are required to stay on-site. See below for more information.

What are the volunteer requirements?

In keeping with the spirit of a collaborative learning environment, all parents are expected to help in some manner throughout the year. Parents of 0-3 yr olds who drop off their children have greater volunteer responsibilities outside of the school. This may include organizing the Spring Expo, maintaining the library, organizing fundraisers, creating the annual Yearbook, coordinating field trips, counting Box Tops, etc. 

Parents of children 4 yrs and older serve on-site at every session. Some are lead teachers; some are assistant teachers; and some are full-time volunteers. Those who remain on-site receive a credit toward tuition for their services.

Once accepted for membership, what do I need to know about costs for Overstone?

For children in the Lower School, the School Treasurer will invoice you for your registration and other start-of-year fees and then invoice monthly for class fees. Your place is not secured until the registration fee is paid.  The registration fee is Non Refundable, as it covers printing, accounting, general school supplies, web hosting and other administrative costs already incurred prior to the first session date.

For children in the Upper School, the School Treasurer will invoice you for your registration and other start-of-year fees. You will pay the teacher directly for high school level classes. More information can be found in the parent handbook, or you can contact the Upper School Director with questions (email: )

Do I get a refund if our family cannot attend Overstone School?

After you register, if something comes up that prevents your child from participating in classes, you are eligible for a full refund of class fees already paid up until the first day of class. However, the registration fee is non-refundable.  After the first day of class, no fees already paid are refundable, as much of the money will have already been spent purchasing materials for class.

2016-17 Enrollment Numbers

Students Enrolled, Lower School - 38

Students Enrolled, Upper School - 14 

Teachers - 12

On-site Volunteers - 3

Off-site Volunteers - 6

Librarian - 1

2016-17 Offerings (classes can change each term)

Lessons are facilitated by teachers trained in the philosophy and methodology of Charlotte Mason. We offer a curriculum which surrounds the child with beauty, nurtures the intellect and soul with vitality, and allows time for reflection.

Lower School: Shakespeare, Drill, Folk Dancing, Greek Mythology, Historical (Missions) Biography, Hymn Singing, Scripture Recitation, Nature Walk/Study, Picture Study, Composer Study, Handcraft, Map Study

Upper School: Algebra I (Jacobs text), Geometry (Jacobs text), Art & Architecture from Ancient - Baroque periods (various living books on art and architecture), Literature and Language Arts (The Odyssey, The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, The Pearl, The Red Scarf Girl, Frankenstein, Strunk & White 3rd ed.), Newspaper Club