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Wellington Church

Our Leadership

The following are those called to fulfill specific roles of leadership within the Church. The information about their family, occupation and areas of ministry is provided to enable you to better understand their ministry at Wellington. You can also view our staff page here.


Wayne Holcomb
Wife: Tanya
3 children and 8 grandchildren
Occupation: Pastor Wellington Bible Church
Oversees curriculum, Bible teaching, preaching, and pastoral development

Kevin James
Wife: Sheri
2 children and 2 grandchildren
Occupation: Computer Specialist at Jockey Club
Oversees deacons serving in technology, worship, and service ministries

Ron Ring
Wife: Ruth
3 children and 7 grandchildren
Occupation: President of Ring Financial Services (Investment and financial planning)
Oversees deacons serving in fellowship, facility care, and finance ministry.

Kevin Cooper
Wife: Heather 
2 Children
Occupation: Associate Pastor
Music, Administration, Teaching

Drew Gilliam
Wife: Andrea 
3 children
Occupation: IT, Veterans Hospital
Home Fellowship Groups
Assist: Teaching in 3 year old ministry; worship team; Home Fellowship Groups; Awana

Zach Tincher
Wife: Toni
6 children                                                                                         
Occupation: Engineer 
Development of 3 year old ministry
Assist: Awana; Home Fellowship Groups; nursery; VBS


John Atterbury
Wife: Kim
2 children
Occupation: IT industry
Building and Outdoor Maintenance; Athletics

Ryan Blackerby
Wife: Sarah
2 children
Occupation: Team Leader, Stryker Medical Central Baptist Hospital
Missions and Greeting Ministry: providing greeters and assistants for the welcome center and resource center

David Blankenship
Wife: Bethaney
4 children
Occupation: Inventory Management
Teaching Middle School Sunday School

Jeff Brockman
Wife: Kim
2 children
Occupation: Computer Technician at U.K. Medical Center
Worship Ministry: providing tools and encouragement to those who participate in leading others in worship such as praise band and vocal teams.

Mike Guiler
Wife: Sherry
5 children and 6 grandchildren
Occupation: Obstetrician at Women's Care Center 
Finance and Leadership Training, Hospitality

Roy Hines
Wife: Claudette
1 child, 4 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchild
Occupation: Retired (accounting and finance at Lexmark)
Finance (reconciliation/auditing)

Ty Johnson
Wife: Delena
3 Children
Occupation: Lexington Cut Stone (Real Estate agent)
Indoor Maintenance, Cleaning and Design

Chris Leng
Wife: Irish
2 children
Occupation: Retired Lexmark
Missions/Outreach, baptism

Billy Noble
Wife: Monica
2 Children
Occupation: Teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary
Sound, Awana

David Ray
Wife: Maneeka
1 child
Occupation: Lawn Care

Wayne Reese
Wife: Barb
Occupation: School administrator
Landscaping and communion services

Ed Shaw
Wife: Alberta
2 children and 3 grandchildren
Occupation: Retired Naval Officer
Welcome Ministry, worship preparation, security and media

Harry Van Epps
Wife: Dorothy
2 children and 1 grandchild
Occupation: Owns Bumblebee Marketing and Fundraising
Worship Preparation

Michael Barren
Wife: Brenda
3 children
Occupation: KHSAA
Organization and Men's Discipleship

Jeff Jones
Wife: Lori
1 child
Occupation: Lexington Police Officer
Security, Men's Discipleship, Awana

Bill Kidwell
Wife: Jessica
4 children
Occupation: Appraiser
Men's Discipleship

Darin Gettelfinger
Wife: Judy
2 children
Occupation: Engineer at Lexmark

Jason Knox
Wife: Tiffany
4 children
Occupation: Air Traffic Controller
Foster Parent Night Out

Tim Stec
Wife: Jenn
3 children
Occupation: Federal Marshall
Middle School, Outreach to Officers

Adam Jaycox
Wife: Robin
1 child
Occupation: Master Electrician
Building Maintenance

Newborn - College Ministry Leaders

Nursery and Toddler Ministries 
     9:30 a.m. Teacher: Janet Peyton  
    10:30 a.m. Team Coordinator: Jessica Blackerby
    Material subject matter: Introduction to the Bible by Desiring God Ministries

Three Year Olds     
     9:30 Teacher: Ruth Ring, Gwen Hall
    Material subject matter: Gospel Light

    10:30 Team Coordinator: Zach and Toni Tincher
    Material subject matter: O.T. Studies by Desiring God Ministries 
Four and Five Year Olds
    9:30 Teacher: Tyler and Delena Johnson and William and Taria Brown                         

Material subject matter: Redemption by Desiring God Ministries

   10:30 Team Coordinator: Heather Cooper
    Material subject matter: N.T. Studies by Desiring God Ministries
Kindergarten - Fifth Grade 
    Children's Director: Tanya Holcomb
    9:30 - Material subject matter: "God's Big Picture" - Through the Bible by      Gospel Light 

   10:30 - Children Desiring God

   6:00 pm - Kids Praise and Team Kid Ministries (Sunday evenings will begin this fall)

Awana Coordinators: Tanya Holcomb & Jake Deshler

6:00 pm - Wednesday Night (Will begin this fall)            

Training and Equipping (includes 2 year olds - twelfth grades)            

Student Ministries (6-12 grades): Jake Deshler

College and Young Adults Ministries: Jake Deshler